Kiss and tell

Del 3: Cuntess

"Feed me now."
Wolf lifts his head. Smiles. He knows it's game time. His touch is soft, seeking. I gasp for air.
"Ask nicely, Nymph." I feel his fingers through my clothes, his palm radiates heat. His mind overruns mine.
"Ask nicely, Cuntess." Hearing him saying my name is a turn-on. The pressure of his palm feels delightful. My mouth opens, words come out, without me even realizing it. Did I speak? Or was it just in my head? I'm not sure. The hunger makes me delirious. Wolf leans in closer, I feel his hot breath on my skin. Fingertips on my face, sliding down. His hand closes around my throat. I struggle, grabbing his wrist with both hands. His squeeze hardens, as his mouth covers mine. Brings me to the edge. His other hand slides up my dress, warms me. My thighs open.

His mind is awash with pictures of me. Sounds. How I call out for him. Whispering, moaning, begging him to take me. Take me right now. My scream as he slowly enters me. First it's just one finger. Then another. The tension makes my body tighten, as I press my cunt against his palm. His other hand releases my throat, now he is pressing on my abdomen, hard, feeling my blood pulsating. His eyes never loose focus, not even when he softly slides inside me. His light blinds me, conquering me with agonizing slowness. Holds me back. Hand on my mouth, to stop me from screaming. Yeah, good luck with that.
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26 mar 2019

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