Kiss and tell

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Wood nymph on the prowl

"My lady" Playful wink, his steel blue eyes are focused on mine.
"My liege." This makes him laugh. Skye was right, he is beautiful. Skin radiating softly in the dark. He has no idea he's doing it. Unawakened. Time to jog his memory? Nah. Tonight we have better things to do.
I revel in the sight as he walks to the window.
He has perfect ears, Skye said. Ehhh vampires. I ogle his perfect ass. As he turns around, other details vie for my attention. The soft blue-green light that he emits accentuates his lines. Desire makes his eyes light up. They remain open while we kiss. His body heat turns up as I kiss him. I bite his tongue, his shoulders, he sighs with joy, closes his eyes, head tossed back. His light pulsates. He loves being handled. Me too, so I step into his mind. Open field, no resistance. Eager for input. Attentive.

Soon he is on top of me, and I cry out with every thrust. He reads me perfectly, and fucks like there is no tomorrow. Breathless, bathing in sweat, gasping for air, heart beating wildly. Beautiful eyes staring into mine, reading my mind as if it was his own. Pushing himself so hard to make me come again. Holding back, willing his body to not explode yet.
"I need water" -I hear him in my head before his lips form the words. He slides out of me, but keeps his hand on my cunt while he drinks, chest heaving.
"Please ride me, please, I need some rest." My hand on his shoulder, pushing him down, hearing him plead in my mind. So I grab his head, forcing it backwards. His hair is wet, the scent is intoxicating. He is unusually tall for an elf, has to lift his hips to come deep inside of me. I slide down, hands on his abs.
"Aaaw yeah". He lights up, the room takes on a green tint when he explodes inside me. Reaches up to pull me down, still hungry for kisses. Soon he is ready to go again. Mmmm. Gotta love elves. Incredible creatures.

We fuck, talk, fuck some more and he comes again. His light gets softer when he falls asleep, with his hand on my hip. Still inside my mind, lighting it up. He turns as I turn, delicious heat seeping into me. His dream envelopes me, as I fall asleep.

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24 mar 2019

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