Daddy/princess part 1

A daddy and a princess meet for the first time over a weekend.

The day could not have started better, as daddy woke up in his bed listening to the sounds of happy birds outside. As he sat up in his bed and stretched his body, his mind filled with tierd thoughts his phone gave away a loud trumpet fanfare. This was a signal only used for one of his many contacts, his little princess, a smile from ear to ear began to form as he picked up the phone and opened the message.
"I am on my way daddy! See you soon, lots and lots of kisses and cuddles, your princess."

As the day continued he had to do the chores so his weekend would be free to do whatever they wanted, the cleaning helped the time pass and as daddy sat down a while later he sent a message to his princess.
"Are the trains on time and do you want to eat before or after the movie?"
It did not even take a half minute before the message was read and daddy could see the answer being written. He pictured her hands moving over the screen on her phone and he felt so proud to soon have his little princess in his arms.
"Fooooood! I need to eat so I have lots if energy! Can we haz candyfood? Please daddy!"
He chuckled at her text and responded before laying the phone away.
"No honey, real food, you can have candy later."

A final time he watched so all was in order, the games was put on the living room table as well as a big bowl of candy, a toy unicorn that could shoot soap bubbles and finally a present draped in paper for his princess.
Yes, all was good, he then walked out if the living room, across the hallway and out if the door, he turned and locked the door, his short walk towards the train station began. It wasn't more than 10 minutes to walk but he believed that he had more butterflies in his stomach now than he had ever had his whole life put together.
Once there he was early, of course he was, he always managed to come to early to things. The last 5 minutes before his princess train arrived was torturing long.

As the loudspeaker declared that the train was inbound, he stood up, checked his clothes and took a deep breath to calm his nerves.
He had green army pants and a red shirt, on his feet he wore black boots and his head had a cap to cover it from the burning sun.
The train rolled in and as his eyes scanned all the out coming passengers his heart raced so fast he thought it would burst out if his chest and lock onto his princess as a heat seeking missile.
Suddenly, atop of the stairs of the train his princess appeared, she had pink shoes and knee high long socks in white with pink bows at each side. A white skirt that ended just above her knees and a tank top with shoulder straps. He was not entirely sure but he guessed the symbol on the top was a cat with a crown.
Her long blond hair ended at her shoulders and once she laid her eyes on her daddy a smile, breathtakingly beautiful exploded on her face, she rushed down the stairs, her large case hit each step with a loud protest. Once the princess had completely disembarked the train she let go of the case and rushed the few steps left and jumped into her daddy's embrace. For a few moments they just stood there, arms around each other, daddy had a hard time withstanding the urge to hug harder, afraid he would crush his princess.

When they finally let go of each other the both laughed and the princess started talking, fast, eagerly and almost giggling at every word. Daddy listens to it all, he was so happy to hear her voice without the aid of a phone or a device. His princess was here, her hand in his and he could feel every time she jumped a little she squeezed his hand a bit.

They went to a little restaurant, eating and talking. The food was a mix of Asian and local food. While eating daddy watched his princess and listened, she did the most of the talking, she always did and he listened, asked her something's in which she answer with a new cascade of wonderful words. The smile never left either ones faces the whole time.
Once the dinner was done they went home, he carried her case in one hand and hold her hand in his other. Daddy opened the door and she rushed in. As he placed the case in the hallway she had already kicked of her shoes and ran around in the house constantly saying things like.
"Ooooh, shiny! Or I love this!"
Once he had removed his boots he walked after her, picking up a few items and explained what things was fragile.
After a bit the princess walked into the living room, her eyes grew big as she saw the table, a present, a unicorn, games and candy! She turned and watched her daddy while jumping up and down in excitement before asking him if she could have her present.
"Go ahead my princess." He told and then watched as she eagerly ran the few feet towards the table, picking up the present and tearing off the paper.
It was a nightgown, it was in a simmering green fabric that almost felt like water at the touch.
She let out a cry if you before ran into her daddy's arms, while in his embrace he bent his head down and kissed the top of her head.
She looked up and pushed her lips into his, and as they both enjoyed their first kiss he could feel her warmth completely, her smell was intoxicating and he could feel that she felt the same about him.

After a bit they both broke off, giggling and looking at each other with playful eyes. They sat down in the sofa and daddy asked what his princess wanted to do now.
"Eat candy and watch a movie!"
It was what he already knew and he smiled, walked to the table and picked up the candy.
Sat down in the sofa with his princess and started the movie.
Durning the first half they sat next to each other but once the candy was gone the princess lied down and her daddy did the same, he put a hand around her stomach and inhaled the smell of her hair, kissed her head and then they laid like that till the movies end. From time to time the princess had felt him grow as his groin was placed against her ass. She liked it but neither did any move as they both just enjoyed the movie, the feeling and the cuddles.

Once the movie ended it was late, they both made themselves ready for bed and the princess came to bed dressed in the nightgown her daddy had given her.
He had already lied down and was only dressed in boxer shorts.
She laid down with him, placed her head on his chest and an arm around him.
She feel asleep almost directly after telling him night night. He did the same, enjoying the feeling if her body against his, a hand caressed her hair while myths other laid on her hand.

The princess woke up as she felt her daddy's hand squeeze her own.
"Princess, it's time to rise"
A yawn and she rolled to her back, then stretching her arms and legs while giving away a loud sound. Daddy watched her smiling, once she had finished he kissed her on her mouth before looking in her eyes and caressed her chin.
"Do the princess want pancakes with m&m's and ice cream?
"Yes daddy!" She rolled to her stomach and giggled a bit before hiding her face in the pillow.
When she looked at him again he was standing up, her eyes dropped to his groin and she said
"Did you put a banana in your boxers or are you just happy to see me daddy?"
He looked down and realized that he had morning wood.
"Well I was kinda hungry" he said playfully before jumping back into the bed, climbed on his princess while she was still laying face down, without a warning he put his hands in her sides and started to tickle her. Her legs kicked and her arms where desperately trying to stop him while she laughed hard and begged him to show mercy.
He stopped but still held his hands at her sides, he then took a hand, grabbed a fistful of her hair and pushed her head down in the pillow. he laid on her, his groin pressing on her ass and she kissed her neck, deeply inhaling her smell while still letting his hand press her face down. when he stopped, he quickly sat up, rolled out of bed and smiled at her.
"pancakes darling?"
her eyes where filled with lust and her body was on the verge of exploding when she looked at him.
"eh, ye-yes Daddy" she said while trying to figure out what just had happen.
Daddy walked off and she could hear his footsteps down the stairs, soon after his voice began to sound as he started to sing. she laid in the bed, her body still on high sensitivity, she looked at her hand which trembled a little, of lust, of such an enormous rush of endorfines. she wanted him to take her there and then, she knew he wanted to do that but he was also an expert to tease and he wanted her to feel absolutely safe. she felt that already but she did not mind being teased.
While her mind was busy with her thoughts her body decided to do something about it, she realized that her hand hand slowly began to move towards her pussy and the long finger was starting to move in a routine pattern over her clit. even though the feeling was intense, and the lust demanded her to satisfy herself she forced herself to stop, Deep inhales and she tried to Think of something else than daddy, it was impossible. so she rose up, put on a pair of slippers and hurried down the stairs with every step squeaking of the old boards in the floor.

Daddy had already began to fry the cakes and she sat down at the kitchen table, watching him, he still only had his boxers on and her gaze was on his ass, it was firm and the fabric seemed to almost melt onto the skin. She was kind of mesmerized by it until he asked her something.
"wha-what daddy?" she asked looking up.
"I said, do you want to eat here or in the living room?"
"hmm, I want to eat here daddy"

The pancakes tasted wonderful, it was ordinary pancakes. Daddy´s secret was that he poured some m&m´s just as they began to fry so there were melted spots of chocolate here and there, princess thought it was about the best breakfast she ever had eaten.

After the meal was done, daddy did the dishes while the princess went on a scouting trip in the house to find what kind of flower smelt so good, when she finally found it it was some kind of a rose, it was pink and blue with some blood red spots on it.
"What is this rose daddy?" she asked caring the plant back to the kitchen while continuing to smell it.
"Its my own kind, i call them Fantasy"Daddy then told his princess about how he as a hobby crossbreed different flower to create new ones, this one was his latest project and the one he was by far most proud of.
The princess smiled and put it on the table, then she looked at her daddy. She asked some more about his hobby and how he had started it.

Later that afternoon daddy and princess went to a nearby lake where they both swam and had a pick-nick while watching the water play with the suns reflection. Daddy had his princess in his lap and she had one arm over his which he had around her stomach, the other hand she played with his dark beard.
As the afternoon turned into evening and more and more bugs found their presence very entertaining they decided to head home. To the princess great joy her daddy let her ride on his back the whole way, once home he carried her to the sofa she let go of her daddy and poured herself down in the sofa, a bit cold she shivered and asked if daddy could warm her up.
Daddy went to fetch a blanket before going to the kitchen making some tea for her and a cup of coffee for him. He came back, giving her a mug that was withe with a pink text which read "princess" she smiled at him and once he sat down she crawled into his embrace.
Once they had drank it up, he lay down in the sofa behind her and wrapped his arms tightly around her while inhaling her smell.
"I love this daddy."
"I do too my treasure"
They put on a movie and for a while the just laid in the sofa and watched.
When daddy´s hand went to the princess lower back she could feel the warmth from inside her, she could feel the shift in the atmosphere around them and when his hand slowly began to make its way down to her right butt cheek she smiled. Daddy pulled away her hair from her neck and slowly began to kiss her, first soft end careful, then he let his tongue touch her skin and he could feel her body shiver underneath him. Daddy could feel her heat increasing and he smiled when he saw that her breathing changed. Daddy put the hand completely on her butt cheek and squeezed it gently, a soft moan escaped her mouth as she pushed her butt into her daddy´s hand.
The princess lay down for a while, just feeling her Daddy caress her body, she let him explore it, at first he was touching her butt, and after a while he turned her over to her back and kissed her lips. She played with his hair and when one of his hands crept up to her breasts she gave him full access to them by untying a strap at the side of her chest, as the cloth feel away he grasped for air and his warm smile pierced her eyes. Then daddy kissed her left nipple, slowly licking and kissing it, at first she closed her eyes but daddy told her to look at him.
She obeyed and watched him play with her.

During the whole time she craved for him to touch her between her legs but Daddy teased her, kissed her slowly and always keen on looking at her reaction.
Then the moment finally came, she could feel his hand starting at the inside of her right thigh and as the hand slowly made its way towards her pussy, just a centimeter left to go and he stopped, she bit her lip and she looked at him.
"Please daddy, please touch me"
He smiled and withdrew his hand at first, she let out a sound of frustration, he smiled even more. Her legs was trembling and her eyes was filled pleads.
Daddy let the hand go all the way and she moaned when his thumb stroke the lips from bottom to top, her hands clawed at the sofa and her eyes closed.
"Look at me" Daddy said still massaging her.
"If you close your eyes I will stop" he said, his voice was kind but she knew he this was not an empty threat. She opened her eyes, took a deep breath and nodded towards him. He folded her skirt up and then took a hold of her panties, once he started to gently yank them off she helped by lifting her butt a bit and once they were off he spread her legs apart.

Her heartbeat was like a machine gun, her gaze was hellbent on him and she tried not to lose control of her body. As Daddy looked at her still locked in eye contact he bent down and slowly she could see his tongue emerge from his mouth and the tip hit the inside of her thigh. She loved this, and hated it. She loved to be teased but it was so frustrating, he was so close and yet so far away. Daddy could see her frustration and it pleased him a great deal, to watch his princess want him so much.
"Please daddy, I will do whatever you want, just please, let me have it?"
"Not yet my princess" he said, kissing her thigh and caressing it with a hand. He continued to tease her for a short time before finally letting his tongue hit the spot.
Daddy could feel his princess react from him, he tasted her sweet taste and soon both her hands was on his head as he licked her.
Daddy started at her clit and worked in a circular pattern, then he put his tongue out as much as he could and let it go from her opening all the way up, this he repeated several times before returning to gently massaging her clit with the tongue. the princess nails almost pierced his skin as she exploded. She pushed herself against his face and his tongue continued to lick while wave after wave of the orgasm went through her body. Her toe nails was digging down in the fabric of the sofa and her head was pushing down as she felt it all. Her daddy did this to her, and all she could do was to let her body enjoy it, she enjoyed it.

Once the climax had left her body she became limp, her gaze was unfocused and her breath was short and shallow. All she could hear was her own heartbeats.
Daddy slowly began to sit up so he could have a better look at his princess, she lay down, smiling, her eyes closed and her nipples were hard. She had goosebumps on her thighs, breasts and arms. Daddy smiled at her and pushed his lips against hers, the princess kissed him and she could smell herself in his beard, the sensation of it all made her even more aroused.
She could feel that the beard was wet and when he pushed his tongue into her mouth she could taste herself along with his own taste, she loved it. While kissing her hand began to explore his stomach, she did not give him any heads up before her hand pushed under his cloths and she took his warm cock in her hand. Daddy gave away a surprised but pleased sound as he felt her hand work him.
He broke of from the kissing and sat up, watching her as she still laid on her back.
Daddy started to stroke her hair and after a while he grabbed a handful and pushed her to sitting position. he locked his eyes with hers and she was ready, she knew what her Daddy wanted and she was eager to give it to him.
He started to push her down and she obeyed, slowly she opened her mouth to let her Daddy inside. The feeling was intense as she felt him fill her mouth. At first she only let the head in, kissing it and slowly playing with her tongue. The princess could hear him groan and moan and she felt herself getting wetter.
She moved out of the sofa and sat on her knees in front of her Daddy, his hand still holding her hair she looked at him before she let as much as she could of him inside. The princess almost could take it all, she relaxed and let his hand push her down that final bit, at first, tears began to come out from her eyes and a burning sensation in her throat told her that she needed to stop or else she would throw up, she resisted those feelings and the body gave in. Soon she could feel him thrust himself in her mouth and every now and then Daddy took the whole cock out so she could breath, he bent her head backwards as he stood up and let his cock hit her cheeks a couple of time before he let himself inside of her again.

" I want to cum on your face princess" He said looking at her while she still sucked him. The princess looked up and she let the cock glide out so she could respond to him.
"As you wish daddy"
Daddy told her to lay down in the sofa again, and while she did he went to the kitchen, opened a drawer and came back with a wand, he plugged it in and soon the room was filled with its humming. He knelled beside her, she lay on her back with her legs spread, one hand was on her stomach and the other was playing with her clit, when he pushed the wand against her pussy she retracted her own hand and let out a loud moan, which became louder and louder the more Daddy used the wand. With his free hand he turned her head towards him and as the princess opened her mouth, Daddy´s cock entered her mouth, she sucked him and one hand began stroking his dick.
"The princesses must cum first" He said as he dialed up the speed of the wand and saw her body almost fold itself as a pocketknife.

She felt this enormous sensation as the wand mercilessly hit every nerve inside of her and her while Daddy was using her mouth. She felt so warm, so intoxicated by it all that the orgasm completely took all the air she had out of her. She convulsed a couple of times as if she had been hit by a high electric shock.
Once finished she could feel her daddy still inside her mouth. Even tho she did not help him physically he did not mind, he had the head of his cock inside her mouth as he stroked it, slowly starting to feel him reaching the point of no return,

"Here it comes princess" he said just a second before he let it out, she closed her eyes and could feel the warm cascades of cum hitting her face. It was the first time for her and she realized it was kind of a nice feeling as the cum hit her over and over again. The princess could hear her Daddy moan as he emptied himself, shortly after he laid down, resting his head on her chest. Both just feeling the moment, hearts racing and hormones going haywire inside of them. The cum started to get cold and the princess realized she could not open her left eye, she giggled and told her Daddy about it.
A couple of minutes later when the feeling of complete satisfaction by endorfines withdrew Daddy asked if his princess would like to be helped to clean her face, she said yes and he walked off getting some wet tissues and a towel.
After a bit of cleaning the princess could open her eyes and she watched her Daddy. They both curled up in the sofa, cuddling and giggling.
"Lets just sit here the rest of the night, build a pillow fort and watch movies, eat candy and cuddle, what do you say my princess?"
"I would very much like that Daddy"

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