Do you allow yourself to scream?
To follow dreams
can sometimes hurt you,
burn you
or free your mind.

Show you pathways
you never even knew
you wanted to tread on.

Or let someone else
design the playing field
you'll be somewhat
left alone on.

Alone in your mind
reality spun by someone else’s hand,
or spun by a lovers hand.

Reactions forced,
feelings shown,
shared or

How do you turn
your agony,
your confinement
and your pain
into pleasure?

I want to see you.
See you revel in the moment,
savouring your

Do you
allow yourself
to scream?
Allow yourself
to moan
or cry?

I saw the love
in the violence.
I saw the love
of violence.
And in some ways
I wanted to be you,
in that moment,
for that short period of time.


12 jul 2018

Vill du bli underrättad när TheVirgin skriver nya dagboksinlägg och alster? Ja

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