No witnesses
She was all out of breath as she reached the 8th floor of the building. Last week, one of the elevators was out of order and this was reason enough for her to walk up the stairs… She walked down the hallway panting and stopped in front of His door. Room 814. She looked at her watch.

She knocked twice and while waiting she heard the water running in the shower. She was late… She pushed on the door and it gave way. Thank God!!! At least she would be ready for Him by the time He finished His shower…

In haste, she took all her clothes off making sure everything was properly folded. That included jewelry and watch. She then picked the shackles off the coffee table and tied them carefully around her hands and ankles. She fell to her knees and assumed her waiting position only moments before the bathroom door opened and saw Him walk out, wrapped in a white bath towel vigorously drying His hair with another one.

Ignoring her, he walked past her to the closet, put on a pair of black jeans and returned the towels to the bathroom. He picked up her working collar off the coffee table and placed it nice and tight around her neck. He secured her hands behind her back using a simple o-ring. He then opened a drawer, picked up a few items and returned to His chair right in front of her.

A blindfold was first applied to her and in total darkness she felt the softness of a silk scarf being wrapped around her head covering parts of her face.

“I am going to use vet wrap today, to cover your head and your face little slut. You will feel it soft yet tight around your head. This is used to support race horses’ ankles so they do not twist them. It is self-adhesive. It goes on easy and comes off the same way”.

She tried to concentrate on His voice and forget how terrifying this would feel even to a mildly claustrophobic such as herself…

“Since yesterday”, he continued, “I have been feeling as though the beast has wakened inside of me. This is not the first time this is happening but in the absence of a proper slut in my life every previous time I had to just ignore the wild urges I felt every time it happened”.

As he calmly applied the wide sticky black tape-like material around her head, he continued…

“I have decided to explore this demon of mine for the first time after all these years and you are going to act as the facilitator… my medium, so to speak. I just need a female body, with no identity. No facial features, no eyes to look at me, no ears, no hair, no frame… a total and absolute nobody. I just want a headless warm female body with tits and ass and lots of soft white skin in between to receive my sadistic cravings and three fuck holes available to me so I can release my lower instincts in them. I want nothing from you. No interaction is necessary or even wanted. I will not need your cooperation in any way and I will not care if you resist, you whimper or cry. I won’t care if you moan or scream… If you get too loud, I will simply gag you… You are going to be here but you are not… Deep inside, I really want to do this on my own. This is about me, little slut. I want nobody around… No witnesses !!!

By the time His little explanatory speech was over, four things had happened.

1. His work on completely covering her head was finished leaving her mouth and her nostrils uncovered.

2. Sweat had covered her back and the skin between and under her heavy breasts…

3. The tips of her hands resting on top of her thighs were slightly shaking.

4. Her juices had won every single fight against all folds and lines of defense on her cunt and she could feel them crawling down her left thigh faithfully submitting to gravity…

He never asked for her consent. Never asked any question. He just suddenly and rudely run a couple of fingers between her cunt lips and watched her jump as if she had been hit by a thousand volts… He smiled, condescendingly…

He picked one of the riding crops he keeps carefully wrapped among other tools in a suitcase in His closet placed it on her lips and asked her to hold it tight with her teeth…

“I will give you seven or eight minutes to think about what you are about to experience my little slut. Seven or eight minutes to get your body and your mind ready to be used in ways I cannot even describe to you as I really do not know where this is going… This is an important time for you… There are two choices you can make. Choose wisely!!! If you want out, just drop the crop”…

“I will leave you alone to think” he said, “I will be back in exactly 7 minutes and 30 seconds”.

The door opened and closed…

The music filled the room…

Time… by the Pink Floyd…
Man som top
Kvinna som bottom
Lätt bondage
Psykisk dominans
Fysiska övertag


11 jul 2018

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