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Kultur 10 jan 2017 av Hedwig

Tom of Finland öppnar GBGs filmfestival

Den stundande premiären av filmen om Tom of Finland kommer närmare. Nu kommer filmen om läderbögikonen att öppna Göteborgs filmfestival. En något historisk dag, där vi får se läderkultur på storfilmsskärmen.

Från artikel:
"“We are very proud about being able to screen Tom of Finland as the opening film. It’s a beautiful, intelligent and deeply moving portrayal of a fascinating life and a unique artistry. Tom of Finland is an artistically powerful film possessing great power to attract international attention, which makes it the perfect opening film for the Göteborg Film Festival,” the festival’s artistic director Jonas Holmberg says.

The gay icon Tom of Finland is today a renowned artist whose work is exhibited at fine galleries. His homoerotic dream-world, in which sexual attributes are always enormous and muscles strapping, has even been used on Finnish stamps. But when Touko Laaksonen began drawing, homosexuality was illegal in Finland, and the film says that it would have been easier to get published in the Vatican. The director Dome Karukoski portrays the illustrator’s path from life as a soldier during the Second World War, through violence and persecution in Helsinki to liberation in liberal California"

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10 jan 2017

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