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Move Into kink - 8 week program for couples

Tisdag 12 april 2022, klockan 18:00 — 21:00
📍Skeppargatan 6, Stockholm (Stockholms län)
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Move into Kink - an 8-week program for couples merging BDSM with Tantra, Movement and Somatic Therapy.
Come for Intro Workshop Mars 22 & 29!

Are you longing for understanding yourself and deepening your relationship or friendship?
This eight-week program is for you who wants to learn:
- A safe introduction and depth of BDSM
- Communication and boundaries
- Emotional Self-regulation and co-regulation.
- To explore impact and sensation
- Tools to step into dominance and submission.

For whom?
All genders and sexualities are welcome. In this queer-welcoming space, we play with switching and questioning traditional gender roles to expand our own fluidity.
This is for you who are ready for depth, maybe you have done some work before within therapy, tantra and personal development.

How and what?
Using movement, tantra and trauma awareness as our base, we step into the kinky space where the connection to our desires only can be safe as we learn to feel and communicate around boundaries.
The aim these weeks is about finding tools to become more present, to open up our inner source of endless pleasure, where all emotions are welcome.
We will explore leading and following, holding and letting go, dominance and submission, ropes, and pleasure and pain. We focus less on techniques and right and wrong and instead we give space towards how we step into these states on an energetic level.

You can join this journey with your partner, play buddy, or friend to deepen your connection and feel freer as an individual.
Only spaces for four couples available.


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